The Christmas Market: What Have We Learned?

It is said that preparation is everything. And having a stand at the #UELmakers Christmas Market was certainly a good chance to prepare and learn the ropes of what being a market trader entails. It was also a great opportunity to get feedback on our line of products and see how we can take Roost Furniture forward, in terms of expansion and product development.

As Keith was saying the other day, the best thing about the market was to see that each of the items he designed were appreciated, so much so that every person passing the stand  stopped to catch a glimpse of our products and grab a business card, which clearly means that the reaction is positive, as were the praises for what was achieved in such a short period of time.

Trying to develop a product from scratch is never easy and being able to take your message to a wider audience can be sometimes quite challenging, but the #UELmakers Christmas Market was the most appropriate space for us to showcase what we managed to achieve so far and to understand what we are doing right, what we have to improve and how we can develop our brand in the future.